Prime Village Mall Second Floor D33 Nateete. + (256) 703 843 727 or + (256) 788 127 712 info[at]fecundlabs[dot]com
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Fecund Labs, Website and Mobile App designers

Integrity, honesty, decency, honor, respect, the fundamental pillars of Fecund Labs

We’re Fecund Labs a registered business, and we’ve been providing legit software solutions to businesses, institutions, and companies for over 4 years now with our offices at located at Kampala Nateete; Prime village mall Second Floor Room D33.

We are a technology partner for developing enterprise solutions to help customers meet all their business needs and reach the most ambitious goals. We fully integrate into clients' business to get maximum interaction and bring it to a whole new level. Our company is run by the experts where the skills of world-class engineers mingle with creative instincts of entrepreneurs.

We started this business because we were tired of crappy, overpriced software solutions and we believed there had to be a better way and so Is Fecund labs.

Fecund Labs provides the most powerful and real-time support you have ever tried. Our team consistently delivers state of the art solutions in various sectors which include but not limited to system application development, product development, internet and intranet applications development, network management services, Embedded system development and so much more.

Our features goals

We’re looking forward to opening up technology school and train more developers to really make this service really easy and partnering with Universities on a new line of local produce organically baked developers.

Team of experts

We are focused on building a dream team, passionate, energetic and enthusiastic.
Our team is made of professional in what they do.

Birungi Vivian

Front-end Developer

Galiwango Hakim

Back-end developer

Anam David

Back-end developer

SSempijja Dauglas

Front-end Developer

Namisango Jahuhara

Front-end Developer

Binga Ivan


Which makes the services we provide even more efficient and better